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sheila viera

Founder, Creative Design Strategist



"I love connecting with others and bringing a sense of calmness and peace in their lives; the home is a space where one should feel just that, and more importantly, love" - She'

Sheila Viera, a South Florida native. She enjoys traveling and makes it her mission to explore and experience the many facets of what life has to offer. She has lived and traveled many parts of the U.S. and have visited other parts of the world which have allowed her to understand the many cultural languages and lifestyle of others. Through her life journey, self-discovery, her love of the arts, and caring for others her work manifest beauty. 

Sheila established Perfect Space Living in 2010 specializing in professional home organizing as a part-time profession, but her creative nature did not allow her to stop there. She continues to reinvent herself and identifies as a creative strategist due to her unlimited ideas, talent, and work experience. She has had a long career in the private and public sector assisting high-level executives, managing budgets, and so much more, but her love of transforming interior spaces is her true passion. She also loves bringing people together by creating an ambiance of intimacy over flavorful cuisine. She taps into all her senses to bring life to her work. Her most favorite items she enjoys in life is food, the comfort of a lit candle, flowers, plants, nature, and her love of God. 

​As a Creative Design Strategist, she's passionate and loves highlighting simplicity, sophistication, flavor, and bringing balance to harmonize each space that she designs. Sheila creates with passion and intuition. During each initial consultation, she enjoys learning and understanding her client’s needs. Her methods of designing a space and focus are carefully selecting pieces that match the energy and lifestyle of her clients. Her view on her interior strategy is the same way as an artist with a brush - each item selected should have a meaning of why it's placed in the space. Her attention to detail, interior solutions, and her gift of shifting the energy is what sets her apart.

Her best practice is always to consider her client's budget and limitations while providing the highest level of client confidentiality and satisfaction by always leaving the space balanced, glamorous, and manageable.





Perfect Space Living, the bridge that connects home & lifestyle together.

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